We are still teaching, helping and taking all sessions and classes during this strange time, through the fabulous medium of the internet.

The last couple of years is responsible for, sadly not just deaths around the world not attributed to a virus but also the showing of many 'mental illnesses' from a world full of isolation, worry, anxiety and no end in sight to look forward to. Many business around the world have also suffered with closing down and owners becoming destitute.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS ALONE. Use our live chat and chat NOW! (Bottom right of your screen)


WE are here for you, even if it is for a chat, please know we will help in the strictest confidence.



The Covid-19 virus and all of it strains have effected us all, world wide, please do not allow it to effect you more than necessary, you don not need to. Even if you do not take up one of my fabulous sessions I am here just for a chat.


Reiki is a form of non-invasive holistic health treatment. A style commonly known as laying on the hands, Its basis is to give a balance of energy throughout your whole body, this in turn has far reaching health, mind and body benefits. Reiki Healing sessions last for approximately 1 hour. Find out more>>> Or book a Session here

If you would like to learn Reiki for yourself or to become a practitioner or teacher, I run Usui Level 1, level 2, Practitioner, Teacher and Master Teacher certificated courses. Find Out more here...


Tai Chi, is an ancient form of marshal arts, but is is soft and flowing, actually creating immense benefits without you even realising. Anyone, at any age can learn Tai Chi. From wanting to keep supple to medical aliments, Tai Chi can help. Tai Chi sessions last for approximately 1 hour.  Read more here...


Meditation is completely about YOU, it is for YOU and within YOU. The health and wellbeing implications are far reaching and anyone can do it! Meditation sessions last for approximately 1 hour. Read more about it here...


Want to help others.

Help yourself first with the beautiful Energies of Reiki.

This is not just learning Reiki, It is all about you, yes YOU! The start of the beautiful journey of becoming a Reiki Practitioner is all about your own 'healing' so it is a life changing experience to become pure love.


The Intention course is just that.... 

If you set your intention to change, I will support and guide every aspect of your life...

The course includes;

LIfe Coaching

Business Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Fitness via Tai Chi and Yoga

The amazing energies of Reiki

The tools to help you change any and if you wish every aspect t of your life...

Life Coaching

We work together, and I help you replace anxiety and fear with laughter, with enthusiasm and excitement, and that being stuck with lots and lots of action!

I help you move through challenges! I guide you through significant transitions by helping you figure out where you’d rather be and providing accountability until you get there. We will identify your destination, then create the path to get you there.

We are paving the street as we walk it, setting stones on the path as we design it. Each coaching session is filled with new insights which lead to creative actions to take...


Angels Guidance healing with Jacqueline

A highly beautiful and multi-talented lady full of energy and with noodles of experience. Her services include Angelic Reiki Healer, Empath, works with angels. Intuitive Photo Readings, Angel Card Readings & Psychometry and Pendulum questions.