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James Thompson
Jan 07, 2021
In General Discussions
Welcome to Morph Wellbeing forum, Love, Light and blessings to you. A little about Morph Morph Wellbeing has been established to spread the Love, Light and Blessings around this awesome world of ours. In creating Morph one shall become many and many shall become many more. This is the nature of the Butterfly effect, the ripples in the water, the spiderweb effect. Morph is short for Metamorphous in which the amazing Caterpillar shows us that change to spreading our wings is a reality. Morpho is wonderful blue species of butterfly which is seen in the site logo. We have the chance to spread our love to create the fabulous metamorphic change in our world, collective with the universes energy and guidance it is shown that in the 'higher consciousness' collective it is possible. A Little about me My name is James and all my life, since before I can remember I have been full of energy and in touch with the 'higher consciousness' the energy which creates our wonderful and amazing universe. I have been taught by a number of extremely special masters, in China, Japan, Tibet and India. This has given me a blessing into the insight of many beliefs and find all of which connect and explain the Universal energy. I have been practicing Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation for over 30 years. There have been some times I have lost my way but eventually opening back up to the universe I was steered back on track through hard work and passion. I have an abundance of love to to show and teach and with gratitude I hope to be connected on this amazing journey of life and love. Introduce yourself This is a forum for you, for all of you and it would be fabulous if in the relevant section you could introduce yourselves and spread the Love. You are quite welcome and it is encouraged that you include your gift, whether it be Reiki, Tarot cards etc, but please no links within the forum unless to another section within the forum itself. I have created a profile page for you when you register and there is a space to add a link to your site, your facebook etc.... Check it out in the forum home page, general discussions and be blessed in connecting with each other. One more thing Please, please, please be kind, loving and mindful of everyone else. I am also happy should you wish to, to allow your clients to register on the forum to enable the love to be spread far and wide. Love, Light and Blessing to each and every one of you. ❤️ Enjoy using your forum!

James Thompson

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