The Science behind the Energy We Feel

First entry in the blog and as ever it would seem I have been guided to it… But don’t be dismayed at the fact I take you into the amazing world of Quantum mechanics, I have done my utmost to make it all relevant and understandable for you.

I was out for a lovely walk although the weather is threatening to rain and I see some graffiti, strange graffiti really and in big bold black spray paint, down the back of someone’s boundary wall it asks…. ‘What are we?’

Well, what a strange thing to be found and no idea the intention of it but, it got me thinking… What are we?

I suppose it is an age-old question which goes along side, what are we here for, what is our purpose?

So then…

What are we? To baffle this question even further and bear with me, our physical being, at a quantum level (the fascinating world of quantum physics) we are actually nothingness and yet we are everything all at the same time. How can that be, everything yet nothing at the same time?

I will confuse you even more now… This nothingness yet everything we find inside every atom that makes up our whole physical universe is also actually existent and non-existent at the same time. Ehhhh, How, what why REALLY!!!???

You may rightly be intrigued by this idea that the "stuff" that atoms are made of is bizarre, incomprehensible, and mind-boggling - that atoms are weird. However, bear in mind that atoms are the building blocks of everything in the universe. So, if atoms have these qualities, so have all of the things that are made of atoms. Any terms that we can apply to atoms, such as "existing on the borderline between the existent and the non-existent" must also apply to everything else - because after all, everything, is nothing more than a large collection of atoms.

This applies to things in the everyday world that we inhabit. And it applies to us.

For all of its seeming robustness, our physical world of mountains and oceans and tables and chairs is in reality a disconcertingly insubstantial place balancing on the edge of existence and non-existence.

We don't notice this fact because we're right in the midst of it, and we take our world for granted because we see it every day - but that doesn't mean that it's not amongst the most bizarre things imaginable.

To see just how bizarre, let's look deep into the atom.

The idea of atoms has been around since at least the times of the ancient Greeks. They postulated that if a large amount of any substance were repeatedly subdivided an amount would eventually be reached that was so small that it couldn't be divided again. This piece of the substance, incapable of further division, was the smallest possible piece of that substance that could exist. The name of this tiniest speck of substance, an atom, was derived from the Greek term for uncuttable (a-tom: the ‘a’ means not, as used as a prefix in other negative words, and the ‘tom’ comes from the verb to cut.

All matter is made up of atoms, with the atoms of each element being in a different order to those of the other elements, which is what makes gold different to carbon, carbon different to hydrogen and so on.

For several thousand years the idea of atoms being the smallest, uncuttable level of matter worked extremely well.

However, things started to get more complicated as experiments started to be made into the phenomenon of electricity during the Victorian period, when in 1897 Joseph John Thomson, the son of a Manchester bookseller, was the first person to discover a particle smaller than the "uncuttable" atom.

So, we have the Atom that was realised in 1897 was not the smallest particle in our physical world and some 14 years later in 1911 the actual discovery of the electron inside of the atomic core, or nucleus, by New Zealander Ernest Rutherford. He determined that the nucleus contained positively charged particles also, which he christened protons. These particles are much heavier than the almost weightless electrons - around 1,800 times heavier in fact.

Some years later, in 1932, another of Ernest Rutherford’s theories was proven correct when the neutron was discovered by Sir James Chadwick at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge University.

Keep bearing with me and all shall be revealed… 😊

So, now inside Atoms are made up of, Electrons, Protons and Neutrons, basic physics there then. It was then discovered that every single living and also no-living thing from the air we breath to the chair we sit in, are made up of the exact same thing… Yes, this it what I said… An inanimate object made by humans is actually made up of the exact same thing that humans are made of….

Then in 1959 there was another particle discovered the neutrino which has almost no weight to it and it very rarely interacts with other particles within the Atom and yet they are unbelievably common, in fact so that by the time you read this sentence an unmeasurable number of neutrinos will have flowed through your body, while numbers of them beyond all imagination will have passed through the entire earth completely unhindered and unnoticed.

Nowadays there has been the discovery of, to put it mildly loads of other particles inside atoms but, most of these particles are only observable in special conditions such as in the atom-smashing apparatus in nuclear physics laboratories and unlike proton, neutron and electron were, they frequently exist for only a fraction of a second before disappearing in a puff of energy, but they were there all the same.

So, now we have loads of particles inside an atom, but they only appear for a fraction of a second before disappearing and then cannot be found unless, or until atoms are forcibly smashed together…

Now, these elements inside the Atom, the Proton, electron etc… Can be each other at the same time ehhhh… So, the 3 main subatomic particles which are the basis of anything and everything in our physical world, are 3 different particles all at the same time… Each one is a proton, an electron, and a neutron (these particles have a different electric charge) but yet they are not all an electron, a proton, and a neutron at the same time… Weird, yep sure is…

Now we will get onto my point…

So, these particles that are all the same as each other and yet at the same time are different from each other and three different particles have also got a different mass weight from each other… Ohh maybe an ah ah moment, they must be three separate things as they all have a differing mass….

Well at that point in the scientific realm it was thought that there was a conclusion… But no, it doesn’t work like that the existence of ‘Quarks’ were found inside the subatomic particles which were that small their existence is well, the best way I can describe them is the individual components are that tiny, if indeed they can be said to have any size at all, but they define a volume because they take up a certain amount of "personal space". You could try imagining them by thinking of the way that when you wave a torch around on a dark night you see an after-image of where the torch's light traces out a shape: the shape isn't solid, but it defines a region in space and is there.

So, let's see where we've got to now, in our quest to find the simplest, most fundamental level of matter which would be relevant to us…

An atom is essentially composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons, while a whole menagerie of other subatomic particles exists in supporting roles. The protons and neutrons are composed of two types of quark. The electron is so small and simple that it is assumed to be indivisible, a bit like a quark itself - the quarks however are about 600 times heavier than the electron, with the electron having three times the electrical charge of the negative quark.

Things don't seem to be getting that much simpler, do they? In fact, things seem to actually be getting a touch more complicated. With some being smaller yet heavier, some the same have more electrical charge than another… It is starting to become chaos…

Well, now we have all these tiny particles it then turns out that every particle at subatomic level has a twin... But a complete opposite twin and as they are complete opposite twins… They cancel each other out. Ehhhhh So, say if you had a pair