When we feel we have fallen off and losing or lost our way, which we all do in some form...

We must remember that we are all spiritual beings, universal energy, experiencing this amazing physical world.

Anything beyond this which we 'think' is taught to us by many ages of human 'thinking'

We are a physical being secondary and the 'lows' or the feelings of 'fallen' are the attachment we have been taught we should have and then create throughout our lives. So, it is a lesson for us all to learn (including myself) that our attachments to material and physical is created within our sub-conscious, egoic, habitual mind, which is the physical realm.

Our beautiful spiritual realm which is the only thing we can actually class as a reality, is where we all are, and in this, there are no material objects nor physical things.

I am a spiritual being

I am not the taught physical realm

With this in mind, when we experience the loss, the fallen off, the going backwards. It is a human taught thought and a human thought which creates the human physical feelings.

Do we really want to feel anything but love, light and positivity?

Anything other is a creation in the human physical mind!

Much love and light to you all. 💜🙏🙌

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