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My name is Aaron Acs,

I am an angelic healer, and reader, among other things. I have only recently received my certifications, James and Jaqueline are my mentors. I am from Canada, and do distance healing.

I only charge $20USD around £15 Sterning for a session, and I use akashic healing dragons in my healing.

Please contact me if you are interested in a healing session, it would be my pleasure to work with you.

Aaron Acs.

Aaron is an approved Morph Wellbeing healer and reader.

Aaron is also an integral member of Angels Guidance on Facebook


Reiki - energy healing using the standard reiki symbology and energies.

Angel reiki - rainbow energy healing using the extradimensional sacred geometric symbology and my akashic healing dragons

Intuition readings - using a photo provided to read your aura colours and provide a short description of then and answer any questions based on them.

Angel oracle - using an angel oracle deck to do card readings to help you find your niche on your path of spiritual journey.

Tarot - using Tarot cards to give guidance on any questions that you have to pose, or general guidance.

Rune - using the rune oracle to provide guidance for any posed questions or general guidance.